[Hula and Talk]The hidden spring of Punahou

Hawaiian Mo’olelo had a special role in Hawaii. The Hawaiian language didn’t have any characters for a long time, and they had to create a way to let their knowledge or wisdom pass on to their future generations. What they created was Mo’olelo. Now, we have many Mo’olelo, but we forgot the knowledge and wisdom in it. Ancient Hawaiians wanted future generations to know those knowledge and wisdom. That means those are very important for human beings. Let’s learn Hawaiian Mo’olelo with me and try to read what kind of knowledge or wisdom are in it! Also, Much important Mo’olelo is changed their style and re-styled as Hula or Oli, so please remember, there are always a things to study from Hula and Oli.

Today I am going to talk about The hidden spring of Punahou.

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