Visiting Moana ʻala ~ʻŪniki 2022~

Before our ʻūniki, we visited Mauna ’ala which is the Hawaiian Aliʻi Mausoleum on Nuʻuanu Ave. The purpose visiting there is to report that we are going to ʻūniki and greet to Hawaiian Aliʻi. 3 different ʻŪniki levels In our tradition, we have 3 different levels to ʻūniki.– 1st level is “ʻŌlapa” which is great […]

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Preparation for ʻŪniki 2022

Our ʻūniki was originally planned 2020 May. However, due to the Covid-19, ours is postponed….We could finally have our ʻūniki September 2022.I would like to leave a record of it for myself and our next generation. There are lots of things we have to prepare before our ʻŪniki. 1. Collect Ti Leaves (Tons of Ti) […]

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Update about Kumu Hula ʻUniki

September 2022, I ʻŪniki as Kumu Hula✨ʻŪniki was at Ulupō in Kailua…Hōʻike was at Lanikai…It was truly a dream-like time…Kumu, hula sisters from Hawaii, my family, the hula sisters from Okinawa, and my students…I felt so thankful to everyone again, it was like a mass of Aloha Time🙏🌈Everything happens for a reason…everything is meant to […]

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